Habits for 2020

Every year I hear others tell me their resolutions for the new year. I was never into having a new year’s resolution because I knew that I wouldn’t keep up with it or there wasn’t really anything I wanted to change. This year my husband brought up a good way to deal with it. ‘It’ being the New Year’s resolution thing. He said that he wants to have habits for the new year. Its not enough to just want to loose weight during the year, but making the effort to make a habit to be healthier. So this will be about three habits I would like to have through this year and onto the rest of my life.

The first habit I want to start is posting content regularly. This includes my blogs here and my vlogs on YouTube. Keeping to a schedule will mean routine will happen. By posting the same day and time each week means consistent content as well.

The next habit is to be more active. Not just to be healthy and exercise, but to just move around. Walking is a good way to be active. So is yoga and meditation. Yoga and meditation are both good ways to help your body. With yoga you stretch and help your body relieve stress and tension in your muscles. With meditation you can work on your breathing exercises and release stress and tension as well. This also helps you quiet your mind and focus on grounding yourself.

The last habit I want to have is a two part one. I want to enjoy more and travel more. I would love to travel the world, but traveling locally and seeing the sights of the state I live in or even a weekend trip to someplace I haven’t been before. I’ve been to Orlando so much but I have t really seen Orlando. I live in Maryland, but there is still so much I haven’t seen here. Getting out and visiting places is rewarding and worth it. The memories are worth making as well.

Putting my life out there

Making the decision to make YouTube videos, or even a blog, I made a choice to put my life out there. While the use of social media- like Facebook and Instagram means my personal life is out there- I choose who sees that and choose how much others see of my life.

When I decided to do YouTube I was only going to put a few videos up, maybe some vacation vlogs. It’s turned into more and I wanted to share more in hopes that it helped someone feel less alone in the world with their own journey. I am not shy about my religion even if I don’t talk about it a lot. In the past few months I have not put out a new video due to being overwhelmed with work and school. Now that the semester is over I should be able to put out more videos.

Writing blogs, I hope that I can share more of my adventures and life that I do not share via YouTube or my social media platforms. I have stories behind all of the pictures I’ve taken and the videos I’ve posted.

There is a lot I leave out of my vacation videos. That is a choice I made so I can enjoy the time with my husband and any family with us. I want to enjoy the sights and locations we are at. I enjoyed the Grand Canyon a lot more without having my camera out to record every little detail.

Holidays with the family

I was raised Episcopalian most of my life. Some of my earliest memories are in the church my dad and I would attend every Sunday. I remember when he stopped taking us to church when I was 7. It was not long after my brother passed away. By the time I was 13 I had begun my journey on the path of witchcraft. It wasn’t until I was 19 that I knew what I believed was called.

My dad was raised Catholic but converted to be with my mom. Most of my dads siblings and my cousins are Catholic so holidays with them are interesting with me being a Witch. it’s only been the last ten years or so that my family has learned of my path. Most don’t care, some won’t acknowledge it and others have told me I need to let God back into my life.

I remember when my grandfather found out about my path. He told me the he didn’t care what I believed as long as I believed in something. Best advice he gave all of his grandkids. I’ve had an aunt and uncle find out about my beliefs while in a church for a church dinner. I thought the ground was going to open up and swallow me. Thankfully the conversation moved on quickly after that.

With all of this being said, holidays can be very interesting with my family. With them celebrating Easter and Christmas and me celebrating Yule and Ostara- they don’t always line up. I use these holidays more to visit family rather then celebrate. Most of them go to mass for the holiday services then we all meet up for dinner at a restaurant. It does get rough sometimes when they try to tell me that I need to go to church and stuff. Or they tell me that I’m not a Witch because it’s not real or I’m looking for attention.


Back design on the Shapeshifter Tarot deck by D.J. Conway and Lisa Hunt

With all of the different divination tools out there, I prefer to use tarot. I use it to meditate, I give tarot readings to those who ask. The main deck I use is the Shapeshifter Deck by D.J. Conway and Lisa Hunt. I have used this deck since 2007.

Personally, I use my deck to meditate, give readings to others and in spell work. They help me with focus if I need to focus on a specific question or intent. It is all about intent when it comes to magic.

Front side of the Shapeshifter Tarot deck by D.J. Conway and Lisa Hunt

When choosing a deck there is no right or wrong way to choose one. Some will say its better to pick one out in person versus buying from the internet. Others will say go with what calls to you no matter how you buy a deck. As long as it is one that calls and resonates with you it doesn’t matter. Others will say starting with a specific deck as a beginner is best. Personally, as long as the deck calls to me in some way, I don’t care where I purchase it from. I cleanse, consecrate and charge any new deck whether I purchase in person or online.

Cleansing and charging your deck regularly by the full moon helps recharge your deck with your energy and intent and ridding your deck of any negative energy. After every full moon recharge, I will sit and meditate with my deck. I do this to reaffirm my intent and energy with my deck. It helps me to keep a connection with not only my deck, but to ground myself more.


Do you ever feel like you need to hide away and let go of daily stress? Do you do yoga to destress? Maybe you don’t know what helps?

For some, yoga is a form of meditation. For others it’s sitting quietly in a room with candles that are lit. Others it’s taking a walk, either in a park, in the woods on hiking trails. Others it’s listening to music while people watching or sitting in their backyard.

For me, meditation sessions vary. It depends on what I want to accomplish during that session. If I want to detach from the hustle and bustle of daily life I’ll take a walk through the trails on the farm. If I want to quiet my mind I’ll turn on some music, mostly flute music, nothing that’s fast paced, and sit on the floor. If I want to meditate and try to astral project or something similar to that, I’ll turn on guided meditations or music I know will help me achieve that.

There is also meditation to fix the chakras, to help the natural energy of the body to flow correctly, etc. I have meditated with a focus on a specific tarot card that I place in front of me.

When I look for music specific to meditation, I listen to Celtic music and Native American music. I research the music and artist to make sure it is authentic to that genre. I also listen to whale songs and find specific guided meditation music/spoken word.

New York

Traveling is always more fun with others. I love visiting places with friends, family or even my husband. I travel to Disney a every January with my husband and his mom.

I traveled to NYC with a friend in April of 2018. We spent about four days there to visit the David Bowie exhibit at the Brooklyn museum. We ate at the Wahlburgers restaurant and met Donnie Wahlberg. We walked through little Italy and China town one day. We rode the train up and back, making it easier then driving.

I wish that when we visited NYC I had my small Kodak camera to vlog with versus my phone. I vlogged the trip with my phone. I edited the video on the train ride home. Some trips are more fun to record and others are better if you don’t take a lot of pictures and videos. No matter the type of trip, I find that a lot of the time it’s better to leave the phone in my pocket and leave my camera in my purse and enjoy the trip.

Witchcraft and Anxiety

Living with anxiety sucks. It rears its ugly head when you least expect it, or it is always present and you want to hide away until it goes away. I deal with anxiety on a daily basis. When mixing in rituals and spell casting, anxiety makes it more of an effort to follow through. I try to not let my anxiety stop me from living life, but it does get difficult. I have had times where I would be doing a spell and my anxiety kicked in. I asked myself constantly, ‘what if this doesn’t work?’ or ‘what if they curse me back?’ and have even asked myself ‘am I really capable of this?’. I doubt myself when I try to astral project- my anxiety kicks in with the ‘what if’ scenarios.

When I check the moon phase, and other factors, for spell work my anxiety does interfere. It makes me second guess everything, creating scenarios that are ‘what if’ and may not happen. I also let my anxiety fill my head with thoughts of ‘what if they know I did this to them?’ when I cast any type of spell on a person. I am getting better, with the help of meditation, at dismissing these types of thoughts and doing the spellwork regardless of if the person knows or not I did any spell work to help them or to rid them from my life.

When my anxiety gets to bad I meditate. It has taken me years to develop a system to recognize when my anxiety starts to take over my life and I need to step back and ground myself. This is where meditation comes into play and finding what helps with good meditation takes time. Some people prefer complete silence and darkness, others prefer music, others prefer candles and silence. Personally I prefer music, anywhere works for me to meditate. I can put in my headphones and use the music to help shut the world out and ground myself. I listen to Celtic flute and drumming music as well as music from Native American tribes. To me, this type of music settles my mind and erratic beating heart. If I am able to, I listen to my music and walk through the woods, enjoying the peacefulness of my surroundings.